Community Outreach Opportunities


The Bible from, front to back, is full of instruction about taking care of those in need. Of course we should be doing this individually first, however, we are even more effective when we meet needs corporately as a church. Loving God and loving each other is more than just a snappy saying or logo. It is doing what Gods word says. Although we do not work our way to heaven, faith without works is dead. Gods word says we are to not only look out for our own needs but the interests of others. 

If we are going to fulfill the Great Commission and reach out globally, we must start in our own back yard first. We must ask ourselves who is it around us that is in need then go out and meet that need. 

Neither do people light a lamp and hide it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on it's stand and, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

- Matthew 5:15

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The Action Center

The Action Center’s mission is to provide an immediate response to basic human needs and promote pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents and the homeless. 

We serve The Action Center because they are meeting a need in our community. As a ministry we support them by supplying volunteers and supporting food and clothing drives, Christmas toy and school supply drives, as well as monthly financial support. They give us an opportunity to help people get on their feet, giving a hand up not just a hand out. Watch for monthly opportunities to donate or serve.


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