Cedars Youth Bible Study Challenge: The Seven Questions

Jesus and the Bible provide us answers to life’s questions using many different methods. Whether it be poetry, prophetic works, proverbs of wisdom, parables or stories, the bible shows us how God chooses to communicate with us in our own personal way. As youth group leaders we love changing things up and finding new ways to help your kids learn from the scriptures and grow closer to God.

Over the last 12 weeks our youth group has established seven questions to ask themselves when reading the scriptures. We have been focusing on Proverbs and using these seven questions to better understand and apply the wisdom found in these verses. We have seen the kids blossom in both faith and confidence as they share their heart felt and insightful answers and seek God in their prayers for guidance and understanding. The conversations these questions have sparked have been deep, convicting and enlightening. We challenge you to give these questions a try as you do your daily family devotionals and I think you will be blessed and inspired by the answers God gives your children!


  1. What didn’t you understand?

  2. What did you like about this scripture?

  3. What didn’t you like/what convicted you about this scripture?

  4. What did you learn about God?

  5. What did you learn about yourself?

  6. What can you share with others?

  7. What can you pray about and apply to your own life?

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