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Build a Basket: A Dream Makers Fundraiser

Photo by  Peter Fogden  on  Unsplash

You can make dreams come true for youth aging out of foster care.

What did your friends and family gift you when you moved out for the first time on your own? A crock pot? A set of new towels? A small tool box? For most of us there was no rush to move out from under the wings of our parents on our 18th birthday and once we did we probably had a little help with the basics supplies we would need to get a good start.

For a youth in foster care their 18th birthday means that they no longer have a home and most leave without a support system and the basic items needed to fend for themselves.

Calvary Belmar has partnered with Dream Makers to provide these basic supplies for youth aging out of foster care and moving into their first home. Items like towels, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, candles and a mug with a supply of hot chocolate can help bring of sense of home and safety as they bravely step out into the world.

Our Build a Basket fundraiser is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of a youth aging out of foster care.

The church is sponsoring 10 baskets that will be filled with a variety of donated items. Each of our 10 baskets inventory is being tracked by members of our leadership team. Speak with any one of the people listed below to sign up to donate an item of your choice.

  1. Clarissa and Monty Waugh (Foster Care Ministry)

  2. Geoff and Christin Burkhart (Youth Ministry)

  3. Pam Morrison (Women’s Ministry)

  4. Kiirsi Ouellette (Kid’s Ministry)

  5. Jacob Cater (Worship Ministry)

  6. Dwight Gowens (Men’s Ministry)

  7. Keon Scheffield (Anchor Groups)

  8. Judy Bush (Greeters Ministry)

  9. Jeremy Gendreau (Prayer Ministry)

  10. Dominic Duran (Set Up/Tear Down Ministry)